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The character in my profile picture is Shido Itsuka from Date A Live.

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Robert Anthony Tanner


The city I live in, New York


New York City, New York


March 8th, 2004


Student (what most of my actual life is), internet user, anime addict, tormented teenager, being lazy, sleeping late, also a YouTuber.


I'm not telling.

About me

I may be an authority figure for this wiki but there's absolutely nothing special about me.

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comment.gifCommented on the page Blog:Guess what fuckers 13 hours 44 minutes ago
"I knew this would happen!!!"
editIcon.gifEdited the page MediaWiki:Sitenotice 3 days ago
editIcon.gifEdited the page Topic:Vu2wb3p0f4ilcs7i 3 days ago
comment.gifCommented on the page ACTUALLY HAPPENED 4 days ago
"Some person blasted Caramelldansen during a meeting in my geometry class..."
emailIcon.gifSent a message to Moe 6 days ago
emailIcon.gifSent a message to ItMeansNothing 15 days ago
"Here's Inkster's true colors. And also as the owner of the files, only I..."
comment.gifCommented on the page Blog:It's been a year since the infamous Morgz controversy here. 16 days ago
"I can argue that this is a big question of the Reception Wikis. Besides..."
comment.gifCommented on the page User:Portrock1566 24 days ago
"The fact is that he consistently thinks I've got a crush on Neptune desp..."
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posted 4 days ago

Could you confirm my account?

posted 6 days ago

Can I be confirmed?

posted 7 days ago

Hello! I would like to be auto-confirmed for this wiki.

posted 15 days ago

So Inkster got mad because of a joke. Why?

posted 27 days ago

Hello! NotMiguel2003 from the Crappy Games Wiki here, i'm not normally active on the wiki's nowadays but I want to make a comeback by creating a page on a British Youtuber who's trust I lost, and is somehow still being defended. Do you grant me permission to create an article?

posted 32 days ago

I want to be able to contribute to this wiki. Can I contribute, please?

posted 37 days ago

Don’t get mad. I’m really nice. And I can stop vandals who try to vandalize pages. Anyways, can you make me an admin here? I want to do a sandbox for some bad YouTubers.

posted 53 days ago

It's OK if you don't want to.