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Seanbuscus2000 (talkcontribs)

I swear to God Ayden needs to get the hell over it and move on for once rather than acting like a baby. He already fucked up thrice this past month alone. He's never coming back whether he likes it or not. Using the CGW admins just to get what he wants? Wow.

EDIT: Thread is closed. Sorry Thief; we'll make sure we won't get y'all involved again.

That One Stickman (talkcontribs)

Ayden's an idiot.

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

He really wants drama for sure.

Goddamn I hate that GIF, looks childish.

Masson Thief (talkcontribs)

I closed the thread you linked, we are not going to be anyone's tool.

You are free to resolve your problems as you want on this wiki, it is right and obvious to give you this freedom of action since this wiki has been declared not to be part of the reception family wiki. It wouldn't make sense for us admins of CGW to act otherwise.

Just remember everyone to avoid bringing up this and other stuff happening here on the main wikis.

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

Thanks, Thief. Speaking of what you said about this wiki not being part of the reception family wiki, me and Sean declared ourselves as "The Mar9122 Trillogy" since I've take responsibility on this wiki and others that I hold. I mean, seems like I was being way off from the Reception Family Wikis and more-so taking things personally. Even if I'm gone, users on this wiki will carry on.

It's no wonder that this wiki is too loose to be part of the family and rather it's on me taking responsibility despite me lacking the bureaucrat. After you got demoted on this wiki, looks like we've gone our own ways.

EDIT: We'll try to make others like Ayden not bring shit up about this wiki. Besides, users would say it's trying to cause drama or being a Kiwi Farms wannabe.

Masson Thief (talkcontribs)

No problem, it's just a matter of being coherent.