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You’re a disgrace to Iraq for lying about your background!
Gender: Female
Type: Lying thot
Date Joined: January 19, 2013
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 22M

SSSniperWolf (real name, Alia Marie Shelesh) is a Iraqi-American YouTuber who is a Call of DutyAGW gamer and now a reactor.

Why She's Atrocious

Note: Some of her actions do not apply on YouTube.

  1. She thinks that kids crying is entertaining. While in some cases it is, but most of the time it isn't.
  2. She is a massive liar and hypocrite.
    • For example, when Michael McCrudden made a "Before They Were Famous" video on her, he put a nude picture of her in the thumbnail. SSSniperWolf went on to deny the nude picture was her, until she was exposed for lying by a user.
    • She stated that she’s Greek and Turkish herself when she’s actually Iraqi.
    • She even states she's never had plastic surgery when before she said she didn't, she once uploaded a video saying she's getting plastic surgery.
  3. She can't take criticism, as she denies any evidence and proof of her wrongdoings. She even takes down any video exposing her.
    • For example, she denies everything she's done in her old account "sexysexysniper", by claiming it isn't her. If you don't know, in her old channel, she acted like a complete thot. (see the third video about her for proof)
  4. She is also a cyberbully and verbally abuses people for no reason at all.
    • One example is when she called out a girl on Twitter and called her things like "an ugly attention whore", "the ugliest and most desperate bitch she's ever seen", "dumb ugly c*nt", etc. She even said to the girl that 125 pounds is fat!
    • She even ironically said she hates girls. A female hating females? That's a new low.
  5. She once got arrested for armed robbery. She also got arrested again in 2016.
  6. She even cheated on her boyfriend for Faze Censor. What happened was that SSSniperWolf texted Faze Censor, calling him cute, and said she would talk to him more if she wasn't in an abusive relationship she can't get out of. So what Faze did was that he retrieved his old text messages from Verizon to show proof she actually did text him, and of course, she denies his claims.
  7. Like Ali-A, she fakes her gameplay, by stealing another user's video.
  8. In one of her reactions, she acted disrespectfully to tons of people.
  9. She laughs when people fight in her Dr. Phil videos, which that isn't even funny at all.
  10. In this video, she acted like an idiot and threatened 2 kids all because they acted spoiled.
  11. She even won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Gamer in 2019 and 2020. Nickelodeon, you do realize she's a criminal, right?
  12. When she was reacting to a video on Dr. Phil, she said that the woman who thought she was pregnant ate a lot of Taco Bell or a double-double burger with some fries.
  13. She once tried getting on Dr. Phil, however, as of Easter 2019, she has been accepted to go on the show.
  14. She often gets excited at times where she’s not supposed to. For instance, the title cards that show her face often show her being serious, when in the videos, she’s not.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most of her videos are okay, like her “Touch My Body Challenge” video.
  2. She doesn’t always get rabid.
  3. Some of her videos that don't have to do with reacting and gaming aren't that bad.
  4. She maybe will get on Dr. Phil according to one of her videos.
  5. Her other channel "Little Lia" is better and funnier.
  6. Her ASMR Video was very actually relaxing.