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Gender: Male
Type: Repetitive Smash Clickbaiter
Date Joined: May 4, 2016
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 20,000+

LaxChris is a YouTuber who mostly does speculation videos on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he is known for having an extremely bad reputation in the Super Smash Bros. community and here's why.

Why He's Atrocious

  1. The first 1-4 minutes in his leak videos are just filler and go on for way too long just to get to the 10-minute mark.
  2. Most of the "leaks" he talks about are from 4-chan, which is a very unreliable resource for these things.
  3. He always talks too loud.
  4. The thumbnails are also bad and they always say 'Huge Leak' or sometimes 'Real Leak' on them, which is clearly desperate for views, also, sometimes the leaks with 'Real Leak' on the thumbnail are actually fake, which means that these thumbnails are misleading. Some of his other videos have also bland-looking thumbnails, for example, his 'Breaking Nintendo News' series.
  5. Sometimes, he is way too convinced a leak is real when there isn't any real evidence to back up the leak!
  6. Frequently, the leaks he looks at are clearly fake yet he acts like they're real when they clearly aren't, the biggest example being when he looked at a leak of screenshots of Ninten from Mother/Earthbound Beginnings being a fighter in Smash Ultimate that were obviously from a Brawl mod.
  7. The videos are also really repetitive.
  8. There seems to be almost no effort put into the videos.
  9. Sometimes, when he says he is doing a tournament, he just delays or even cancels it at the last minute.
  10. On top of that, he doesn't seem to care about his fans very much.
  11. Uploads too much to the point where he covers almost every single leak ever posted with no end!
  12. Even covers leaks already debunked just to get views.
  13. His editing is basic at best.
  14. He's basically a clone of Blocked Content, an already bad YouTuber but LaxChris is way worse.
  15. He says that he's family-friendly but he actually isn't because some of the posts he reads have some swearing in it; meaning that he doesn't blur out although he doesn't actually say them.
  16. Some of the dialogue and topics for his videos are directly plagiarized from some videos by Papa Genos, another Smash Bros. YouTuber.

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. He used to make some gameplay videos that can be fun to watch and now is planning on doing more.
  2. He actually moved on from making videos about every leak and now only covers major leaks and news on the switch. However, the leak videos he still makes are no less than being money-driven, with the obnoxiously long intro still in it.

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13 months ago
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Typical toxic-ness you'd expect from the smash community.