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Gender: Male
Type: Smash Bros. Lawler
Date Joined: 2009
Status: Closed
Subscriber Count: 454+

Jon Watson, or by his username I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE (born November 29th) is an American YouTuber and Smash Bros. Lawler. He was known for his infamous Smash Bros. Lawl Spinoff, Smash Bros. Lawl Ultimate. He has a DeviantArt account known as JontheCat. As of July 25th, 2013, he "left the internet", because a wiki user, Steven Star told him the truth about why people hate him.

Currently, only 2 of his movesets were reuploaded onto Youtube, which is Rainbow Dash (remade in Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nitro) and Angry Joe (Which became an internet meme thanks to SilvaGunner), while the rest are lost.

Why He Was Atrocious

  1. He has an unhealthy obsession towards Amy Rose and Stocking. [1]
  2. He rages in caps whenever he's angry, which makes him immature.
  3. He has poor grammar, as he randomly capitalizes and his poor sentencing (example: Because....It Odd.)[2]
  4. His Smash Bros. Lawl spinoff, Super Smash Bros. Lawl Ultimate (not to be confused with the 5th game of Super Smash Bros. Series), has flaws.
    • Poor cropping/masking.
    • No damage meter at all.
    • Poor explanation on the special moves.
    • Moves that are generic, or can be done as one of their neutral attack, or downright stupid.
    • His Pinkie Pie moveset is said to be the worst moveset ever made, probably because her special moves are generic, and lots of problems thanks to the flaws on his lawl. Thankfully, this was fixed in Agito90's Smash Bros. Lawl X.[3]
    • His Garbage Guy moveset, before deleted, was lazy, one of the reasons is due to all of his taunts were laughing. [4]
  5. He cannot take any criticism.
  6. He ships Gaston with Amy (called GastAmy), which is both pedophilia and bestiality.
  7. On DeviantArt, on Amy Rose cosplaying as Panty from Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt, he immaturely complains that Amy should cosplay as Stocking. Does this remind you of someone else?
  8. He secretly returns as Stocking Rose, due to her grammar similar to his, and she also has anger management issues.[5]
  9. On Smash Bros. Lawl Origins Wiki, he literally said that Steven Star's mother deserved to die. That's unethical!
  10. While not the first, he became the poster boy of bad lawl spin-offs.
  11. In August 2012, on YouTube Poops Wiki, he caused a drama on it, and declared the YTP Wiki "ruined", because the admin, AwesomeSeaCucumber blanket the wiki, rather than contacting the staff or trying to reason with ASC. after the things went solved, he returned to the wiki, only to makes pointless edits there, to the point that ColonelFail get fed up with it and banned all content involving Lawl spinoffs. ILAR was now no longer editing pages there since that. a troll named DiaryDiarrheaDiorama, the one responsible for wiping his hard drive, rewrote Amy Rose's page in offensive way. he finally saw this a few weeks later and started an edit war with his her. ColonelFail saw this and after constantly restoring the page, tried to reason with ILAR, but even after being threatened with a block, he won't give up. after the page was locked, ILAR called DiaryDiarrheaDiorama a "chickenfucker" and finally left the wiki forever.[6]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he tried on his lawl.
  2. His 60s Spiderman moveset was considered to be the best moveset ever (Which was later remade by Skapokon years later for Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova).

His YouTube Channel



  1. Because "He was responsible for all fights in the Lawl community", they considered him as the son of Chris-Chan.
  2. He has an impostor.
  3. One of the planned fighters in his Lawl spinoff was Richter Belmont from Castlevania Series, coincidentally, he did joined Smash Ultimate as the echo fighter of Simon Belmont.


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one month ago
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This user is a legit sicko


9 months ago
Score 0

Fun fact: his Lawl spinoff is called Super Smash Bros. Lawl Ultimate, but six years later... the 5th game of Super Smash Bros. series is called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...

Coincidence? I think not!


9 months ago
Score 0
Amy Rose is one of my favorite Sonic characters but this guy went too far with her...


10 months ago
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Look at dis,anotha toxic sonic guy


11 months ago
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I think he's still somewhere on internet.