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About This Wiki

On YouTube, you can find all sorts of content. However, not all of it is good. This wiki is dedicated to criticizing these atrocious YouTubers and YouTube videos, one by one. If you wish to contribute, feel free to join us. But before you go anywhere else on the wiki, read the rules so you won't get punished. After that, you can continue on your adventure of looking at YouTubers and videos that we recommend that you avoid!


Basic Rules

  1. We follow a very strict Anti-Drama policy. Starting drama will result in an infinite IP block. Plead innocent on your message wall to appeal. This is in the result of a lot of drama concerning this wiki.
  2. Due to heavy vandalism, new users can no longer edit. In order to edit, you must send a request to an admin via private message and they will give you the confirmed user right. Admins are required to grant the confirmed role to newcomers unconditionally unless if you're a confirmed sock account.
  3. If you're a new user, before making pages, please make sure to read this tutorial so that you know how to make one for this wiki.
  4. Only put bad YouTubers and bad YouTube videos if people have been giving negative feedback to it, even if it means there are more likes than dislikes.
  5. Always add a photo of the YouTuber's profile picture.
  6. A YouTuber getting terminated or deleting its channel is not a redeeming quality.
  7. Whatever you do, do not add any admin or user onto this wiki. This is what Awful YouTubers Wiki suffered from, they must have a Channel on YouTube before they went on Miraheze to do so.
  8. You may not make personal drama pages, or basically just put another YouTuber on here just because you got into an argument with them. Pages that follow these criteria will instantly be deleted.
  9. Do not make pages, response threads or blog posts about any rants towards this wiki as it makes us look like we can't handle criticism or hate.
  10. Because Miraheze seems to be less restrictive than FANDOM regarding controversial issues and people, you may add SJWs and feminism.
  11. Do not add false, misleading, revealing, or defamatory information to pages. A YouTuber's name and/or face may only be posted if they have confirmed they are over 18, have 50,000 subs and above, and have disclosed their real names and/or face by themselves. The locations of YouTubers, especially cities, states, or smaller countries, are forbidden, even if they openly disclose where they live. This also includes the real faces of YouTubers. Posting doxxed information or sources that lead to doxxes are also forbidden.
  12. Swearing is ok but homophobic, anti-ableist, anti-semitic, racist, and anti-religious swears are not ok, however.
  13. One reason is not enough for a page. It will be considered "unfinished" and will be deleted.
  14. Do NOT make ED-esque articles or add ED related stuff to existing ones and do not add stuff to insult the subject of the page. Stuff that violates this rule will be removed. Attempting to put them back will result in being blocked for a day.
  15. You are allowed to put your own reviews on YouTubers if you like.
  16. Excessively sexual content isn't allowed. NSFW as long if it doesn't cross the line or is controversial but not sexual enough is acceptable.
  17. Do not undo an admin's edit (this will result in a block without warning). If you must undo an edit by an admin, you must get permission to do this before you undo the edit.
  18. Do not add the fact where a YouTuber has a toxic fanbase/hatebase as a reason since this does not dictate the actual quality of the YouTuber themself.
  19. This is a recommendation rather than a requirement, but try editing in source mode instead of the visual mode. This is to prevent the comments section from being broken.
  20. Do not move pages from this wiki to other wikis like Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Crappy Games Wiki. They will lose their popularity to this wiki.
  21. Do not EVER beat a dead horse. Doing so will get you blocked for two weeks and the topic and/or thread deleted.
  22. No scheming flame wars for this wiki as it has way too many dramas to handle. If this happens, ignore it.
  23. Do not make a poll, without admin's consent, or else you'll be blocked for three days or more so. Only admins make a poll.
  24. Do not insult, harass or bully any users on this site (unless they are insulting you). Users violating this rule will be warned or else will be blocked on this wiki.
  25. If you get blocked you have the right to appeal and argue about your punishment in your own talk page unless what you did was unforgivable and heinous.
  26. If you don't know how to make templates, use the YouTubers Infobox for YouTubers, and Video Infobox for Videos.
  27. Please check the forbidden pages, when there's a YouTuber that cannot be on this wiki.
  28. No more than one account per person. Any alternates will get banned and you'll be warned.
  29. By all means no posting in the forums. You can still view them here but don't add anything there because if you do you'll get suspended for one week without warning.
  30. If a discussion topic has been inactive for more than a month or is resolved, please don't revive or reopen said topic as that's an act of gravedigging. In short words, no necroposting.
  31. Do not make pages on YouTubers under the age of the 13, they are often just unaware of how they should behave on the internet and would end up cluttering the wiki as a result.
  32. Custom headings are allowed to be used over "Why It's Atrocious/Redeeming Qualities" but don't put "Why It Sucks" since it is overused, and don't put stuff like "The "Dirt"".
  33. When creating a page, be sure to add at least 6 detailed pointers.

If you break any of these rules:

  • 1st Time - Warning
  • 2nd Time - 1-week block
  • 3rd Time - 1-month block
  • 4th Time - 1-year block
  • 5th Time - Kicked Out

You will be kicked out immediately if you break the following rules:

  1. No vandalizing.
  2. Do not act like a white knight or toxic fan of any of these YouTubers, you must respect other people’s opinions.
    • By that we mean, do not attack people for putting a YouTuber you like on the Wiki or having different beliefs, nor to harass or try to take down any YouTuber or video featured on this wiki.
  3. Make your own page! Do not force others to make one for you.
  4. Do not add pages about any user or admin.
  5. Do not tell YouTubers that we made a page about them. It's considered snitching and this will just cause us more trouble. The YouTuber has to find this page on their own.
  6. Do not harass, bully or threaten any YouTubers on this wiki. This wiki is meant simply to inform and criticize and not to attack.
  7. If a page is causing drama, it will be deleted until further notice.
  8. Do not unfairly ban users, this will result in demotion until further notice.
  9. Save jokes for social circumstances not serious
  10. Do not EVER make a threat in any way, shape or form. This includes death threats, suicide threats, or any other dangerous threat that can potentially harm yourself or others.

Have fun, and remember, follow these rules!

  1. Parody/Joke/Meme-related Pages (Memetastic is the only exception) - They're makes us look like we can't handle jokes.
  2. Other Versions of Templates - Flooding the wiki, if you want to make a template create it on your userpage or your sandbox.
  3. Any pages related to trolls - Obvious troll feeding and in general, are never meant to be taken seriously.
  4. Underaged YouTubers - Controversial to make a page out of as it might encourage harassment towards underaged users since they still have a lot to learn in life. And it is possible that they would eventually mature once they grow.
  5. Any Page deleted by Stewards - Not being brought back until we win those debates.
  6. Any Nostalgia-Tards - There’s already a page on TF&HW that covers them.
  7. Vyond users (with the exception of Woomitex) - Will be moved to Horrible Vyonders Wiki.
  8. HowToBasic - Pointless to make a page out of. Plus, he's satire for the sake of satire.
  9. Arlo - Not that bad of a YouTuber and would cause drama since he discovered his page before it was deleted.
  10. GLL - The drama between him and another user is old news now, we shouldn't worry about him or his fans. Also, personal drama.
  11. HORSE SIX ZERO - Same as GLL.
  12. TankGamingHD - Same as GLL and HORSE SIX SERO.
  13. Behind The Meme - Dead horse beating.
  14. Deduct - Constantly overhated and personal drama.
  15. Anything related to Antcruz - Personal Drama.
  16. Bella Flamenco - Poor reasoning.
  17. Yoshi Player - Not that bad of a YouTuber and would be pointless.
  18. SuperMarioLogan - Decent YouTuber. Plus, his videos like weren't meant to be taken seriously and could make us look like moral guardians if we add him.
  19. Anything related to jacknjelify - Because of flame and edit wars, controversial reasoning, and being well-received.
  20. ZONE TOONS - Anti-Free Speech, plus she doesn't usually post pornography on YouTube.
    • What What In The Robot - Way too NSFW to be on this wiki, and it can't be found on YouTube, you can find it on Newgrounds however.
  21. Marcus Riley - Overpopulating children, beating a dead horse.
  22. C4dburys - Drama & dead horse beating.
  23. YouTubers and YouTube related pages that are already on Terrible TV Shows or Crappy Games Wikis - We don't need a lengthy explanation for this. But if their page there is deleted, then you may move it here.
  24. EmpLemon - Behind The Meme related.
  25. DrewPicklesisSwell1957- Dead horse beating.
  26. CocaCola4413 - Overpolulating children.
  27. DeviantArt users - No explanation needed unless they have a YouTube account.
  28. TheMysteriousMrEnter or any Animated Atrocities episodes - Would possibly cause drama.
  29. Cardi B's "Money" music video - Lots and Lots of NSFW.
  30. Cutie The Kitten Sans Wife And Girlfriend/SAiL - She improved so making a page about her is pointless.
  31. CollegeHumor's Mario and Peach Sex Tape - Extremely NSFW, also it's satire.
  32. Pinkie Starlight - She has improved a lot so making a page about her is pointless.
  33. Shrek is love, Shrek is life - Anti-Meme
  34. Justin Y. - Just because he's everywhere, that doesn't mean that he's atrocious.
  35. Miranda Sings - She's a fictional character by Colleen Ballinger. Pointless YouTuber.
  36. Benthelooney - He has improved so making a page on him is pointless and is also a fictional character.
  37. Any Twitch user - They don't have anything to do with YouTube (unless they have a YouTube channel).
  38. It’s Alex Clark - Pointless YouTuber
  39. "Luigi's Day Out" by hotdiggedydemon - Way too NSFW to be on this wiki, also it's satire.
  40. Anyone with severe mental illnesses - We don't need to explain this.
  41. JoJo Siwa - Weird reasoning, and overpopulating children.
  42. Haedox - Controversial reasoning.
  43. Juju O - Controversial reasoning, and considered death disrespecting as he allegedly commited suicide.
  44. Mark Dice - As atrocious as he is, a page on him carries a high risk of vandalism or drama, especially if he finds out about it.
  45. Etika - Not a bad YouTuber and Twitch streamer. His actions likely stemmed from his poor mental wellbeing, as well as disrespecting the dead.
  46. "I've Done A Poo" by Koit - Gross, and might encourage Kink Shaming.
  47. Anyone in the ASMR community - Weird reasoning.
  48. Slazo - Good YouTuber. However, the accusation of him and his ex-girlfriend were completely false.
  49. LellyLL - He's not a bad YouTuber anymore. We get that he caused drama as Mario Undertale Kid, but he's moved on from that stupid shit and he has improved a lot so making a page on him is pointless.
    • Mario Undertale Kid - Beating a dead horse.
  50. MessYourself - Pointless YouTuber.
  51. AOK - His videos are satire.
  52. pamtri - Same as AOK.
  53. Dorkly & CollegeHumor - same as AOK.
  54. surreal entertainment - Ditto.
  55. EdukayFUN 2.0 - Same reason as surreal entertainment, and is also a parody to mock YouTube Kids Cartoons.
  56. SiIvaGunner - Anti-Meme Page
  57. Jallerbo - Anti-Meme Page.
  58. TheBestAmv's-X - Way too NSFW.
  59. The Dark Reindeer - Overhated.
  60. ObliviousHD - Not a bad user, already on ARGW.
  61. Fox Goodman - Overhated continuously and a nice YouTuber.
  62. Any Super Smash Bros. Channel (with the exception of I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE, LaxChris, Choctopus, Blocked Content and YEET Smash - Controversial reasoning and overpopulation of fans.
  63. I Hate Everything - He might be overhated and is already on Amazing YouTubers Wiki.
  64. Doknot1999 - ???
  65. Plainrock124 - Just because he smashes stuff doesn't mean he's wasting money or anything, his videos are monetized.
  66. Jake Paul - Already on Terrible TV Shows Wiki.
  67. TheAngryGrandpaShow - Making a page would be very disrespectful due to his death.
  68. Logan Paul - Already on Awful Movies Wiki.
  69. Hedgehog Gameplay - Pointless YouTuber.
  70. Mr. Friendship - Same reason as Justin Y.
  71. BesGamesVK - Same as Hedgehog Gameplay
  72. Wetzelmation - Same as AOK and pamtri
  73. Wolfychu - Pointless YouTuber, even if she’s overhated.
  74. Vannamelon - Pointless YouTuber
  75. The RPG Monger - Last time there was an article on him, it was basically a hate page, so no.
  76. Anything related to Mar9122 - Gravedigging and personal drama.
  77. Faceblock do Mal - He's a fictional character created and controllated by TomTosname TV.
  78. Truls Tage - Same as Ultimate Video Master (Spongebob Fan Productions Is Back).
  79. Dorito's Reaction - Already on Terrible TV Shows Wiki
  80. ATAW&SVTFOEFAN1234 - Same as Ultimate Video Master and Truls Tage.
  81. Leokimvideos - He might be destructive, but he's not that bad of a YouTuber.
  82. TZKUnit - Pointless Youtuber.
  83. JerryRigEverything - Pointless YouTuber.
  84. Bart Baker - His parodies are just joke videos.
  85. Nitro Rad - Not a bad Youtuber.
  86. MrTyesVideos - Attacking a dead horse.
  87. Submarine Man - Troll feeding and his songs are satire.
  88. Matthew Santoro - Not a bad Youtuber.
  89. Micheal P - Pointless and satire YouTuber.
  90. Mike Korzemba - He's a good and funny YouTuber, also likely to have an article on Amazing YouTubers Wiki.
  91. Legend Of Winning - same reasons as Mike Korzemba.
  92. Mariotehplumber - Troll feeding
  93. Flex Entertainment - Troll feeding and their songs are satire.
  94. Lil Meerkat - Same reason as Submarine Man, Misha, and Flex Entertainment.
  95. Just2good - Already on Amazing YouTubers Wiki even though he has a terrible hatred on the 2017 Hulk vs. Red Hulk Lego set and he can be harsh on some Lego sets.
  96. storybooth - Decent YouTuber.
  97. Papercut EXISTS - He no longer acts annoying.
  98. SuperstarShea1986 Productions - Even though he caused drama as L Ryan when he was a Vyonder, he has improved a lot so making a page on him is pointless.
  99. TheEngineeringFamily - Let's be okay here, they are not atrocious as of when they make YouTube Kids Cartoons they don't insult the franchises whatsoever and they are pretty mature. So let's say they won't get a page instead they will end up on Amazing YouTubers Wiki as unsure.
  100. Any Generic Cartoon Reviewer - Could clog up the wiki and/or cause flame and edit wars.
  101. Stariaat - ???
  102. Richard Benson - Controversial reasoning and same reason as T-Series, Submarine Man, Misha, Flex Entertainment, and Lil Meerkat.
  103. Mario VS Sonic (Nintendo VS Sega) | DEATH BATTLE! - It makes us look like we cannot accept one side failed.
  104. TheWheatisHeat96 - ???
  105. Shippiddge - Decent Creator, He takes his time on his Starter Squad series.
  106. RackaRacka - His content is meant to be black comedy and is not meant to be taken seriously.
  107. Hirkey Shmirkey - Same as RackaRacka.
  108. Cult of Dusty - Pointless Youtuber.
  109. ProsafiaGaming - Continuously overhated and nearly killed by a hater.
  110. Poofesure - Not an Atrocious YouTuber in general.
  111. Chad Warden - Troll feeding and beating a dead horse.
  112. Durv - He no longer does clickbaiting and prank call videos (according to his Twitter) and he's moved to a new channel called "Trend Hub" where he just talks about kids ending up on Dr. Phil.
  113. CinemaSins - Because their channel is not meant to be taken seriously at all.
  114. L Ryan (Liam the New Yorker) - Might encourage a-logging because L Ryan has already been tortured enough by his haters (mainly Vyonders) for obvious reasons.
  115. Yo Mama - It makes us look like we can't take jokes, also some their jokes are parodies too.
  116. Toys Animations Cartoons & More - While Gucci Rsbbit has done atrocious deeds on the wiki, he started to become overhated on the wiki, causing him to delete his channel. In other words, he's old news and could encourage more a-logging. It also counts as personal drama.
  117. Any Miraheze user's past self (i.e. Supersalsaboy (2016-2018)) - Encourages cancel culture.
  118. Dillon The Hacker - Troll feeding, overhated YouTuber and dead disrespecting.
  119. Vailskibum94 - Might cause drama with his toxic fans.
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